Running into the Rain, Not from It.

Torrential downpour has marked the past two weeks. Today rather than escaping the downpour, I embraced it.

The frigidity. The moisture. The pounding. The resonance. The onslaught. It beckoned beautifully. I wanted to be right smack dab in the middle of it. So I grabbed my running shoes, “forgot” my rain coat, and I ran into the rain. I let it envelop me completely.

The driving force of the rain seemed to ignite the strength grown dormant within me. From the reservoirs of my being a ferocity rose to the surface and pushed my body to its limits. Music blaring in my ears, muscles expanding and contracting, my heart pounding, and the rain soaking me from head to toe, I was awake and aware. All I wanted was to go farther up and deeper in. So this is what alive feels like.

How often do we allow the busyness of life to numb us entirely? Just operating from one moment to the next. Becoming absorbed with our obligations and responsibilities. Shuffling from one task to the next. Drudging through the haze of routine. Captive to deadlines. Deaf to the beating rhythm of the rain. Often times numbness doesn’t come by happenstance, rather we welcome the anesthetic of busyness.

Brokenness terrifies us. The vulnerability of love stirs anxiety deep in us. The rawness and the exposure of pain are too far out of our control. So we just shoot up and numb down with the endless list of tasks to keep us from realizing how desperately we want to love and be loved, how hungry we are, how lonely we have become, how deeply we have been wounded, how raw we have been stripped. We work ourselves numb. This is where I found myself this morning. Numb. Exhausted. Lost in the labyrinth of my mind. Then the rain came.

Embrace the storm. Allow yourself to be broken. We serve the God who before calming the storm, encountered his beloved in it. As the storm raged, Jesus walked into it. He didn’t calm the storm before he invited Peter to take a step out of the boat. Jesus wanted to encounter Peter in the midst of the raging of the storm. Peter had to embrace the storm in order to encounter Christ. How beautiful is that! He could have remained within the security of the boat, but rather he went further up and deeper into the storm to encounter the God-man he was growing to love more and more each day. May the same be said of us.

The storm is a place of encounter. When we no longer avoid it and fight it, but embrace the blows, the billows, the fear, the pain, the shock it brings we get one step closer to God. He wants to heal us as we identify the magnitude of our brokenness. We must focus on the One who possesses the ability to calm the storm with just one word, but invites us to embrace the chaos of the storm and encounter Him in it. Then we truly understand the contrast of the peace we find in the midst of the storm when we lock our eyes on him.

We have to get out of the boat of our numbed security, embrace the storm that awakens and envelops us, and encounter the God who invites us into the storm.

Run into the rain.

“Lord, if it’s you,’ Peter replied, ‘tell me to come to you on the water.”

“Come,’ he said.” -Matthew 14:28-29


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Callie Sorrow

A beloved, redeemed nomad who dreams dreams far too large to accomplish on her own. Lover of Laughter. Food Fanatic. People are my Passion.

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