“Here Comes that Dreamer…”

Walt Disney World claims to be “The Place Where Dreams Come True.” Not for this dreamer.

If I had to paint the backdrop of my wildest dreams it would resemble the North African plains. Maybe like a scene out of the Lion King. Surrounded by the different patterns and diverse species of African wildlife, golden yellow sunsets painted against crimson red skies, contrasted against the African grasses, with the sound of tribal songs echoing in the distance. Staring into the darkened faces of young African children, listening to the stories of young women who have experienced volumes more than anything I could ever imagine, sharing the love of my God and my King in someway shape or form with the African people. This is my wildest and craziest of dreams. The dream I find myself returning to in the lull of monotony and lethargy of life. The dream that reminds me why I get up in the morning. The dream that reminds me my life is not my own. The dream that was stirred inside of me four years ago by the One who supplies dreams greater than any I could imagine.

This is my dream. And it is finally coming true.

I am entering my senior year as a Christian Ministries major at Emmanuel College. Part of my degree program is to complete a three-month internship learning and ministering in a location of my choice. My freshman year I knew I wanted to go to Africa. I didn’t know how or what I would do, but I knew. I buried the dream for a while beneath distractions and attempts to accommodate man’s expectations, rather than trusting the Giver of my dream to be the Fulfiller of my dream. I applied everywhere but Africa. Every door closed. Then the dream resurfaced.

My faculty advisor shot an email to a missionary in Kenya. We waited for about a week. That week brought back the glimmers of my dream. The joy. The excitement. The passion. The burden. The hope. The beauty of my dream was returning. My dream was being redeemed.

Finally we received a response, the missionary in Kenya had accepted the proposal. I am going to Africa! Within the next month, communications continued between my faculty advisor, the missionary, and myself. Last week I received my schedule. The dream is coming true.

My dream becomes reality at the end of January 2016 and completes its first phase in April. I have the opportunity to preach and teach at a Bible college, work in different children’s homes, aid in construction projects, participate in Bible studies, learn alongside some of the most incredible missionaries in the field, engage in the culture, explore the African countryside, even go on a safari! Its an incredible journey, but it comes with another large step of faith. The total cost of my internship is a little over $5,000. That is a large amount of money to raise in a matter of three months. But I serve Jehovah Jireh, the God who provides (Genesis 22:14). He gave me the dream and I know he will provide every cent needed through his people.

I cannot believe my dream is becoming a reality. As I get closer and closer to the dawning of my dream, I ask for your prayers. My dream is beyond my comfort zone. There is fear and anxiety traveling alone and to a new culture. I know my God will supply a peace which surpasses all understanding and that He has already gone before me. But I ask for your prayer support as I journey overseas. I also ask you to consider joining me in investing in my dream. If you feel led I would love your financial support. Contact me for further details of how and where to give. I thank you in advance! Your investment goes beyond a dream but investing in the Kingdom.

My dream is coming true. What is your dream? Is it just a dream for you? Do you believe it could really come true? I do.

“…She considered him faithful who had made the promise.” -Hebrews 11:11b

“Here comes that dreamer.” -Genesis 37:19


Published by

Callie Sorrow

A beloved, redeemed nomad who dreams dreams far too large to accomplish on her own. Lover of Laughter. Food Fanatic. People are my Passion.

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